Never Instagram or share your boarding pass on social media - here's why

You are heading to your dream destination, maybe France, Argentina or Thailand and you kind of want to show it off.

You are at the airport and you snap a picture of your boarding pass and passport just before boarding the plane and post it on your Instagram Stories or on Twitter.

You get nice comments and feedback from some envious followers.

But it's a very risky thing you just did.


Seems harmless, but posting a picture where your six-digit boarding pass number is visible could leave you very exposed and at risk of being hacked. 

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This code alone can lead hackers all the way down the rabbit hole, giving them access to your personal details, your booked accommodation, and The Verge reports that it could even lead criminals to your credit card number. 

Learn more here: 

Rather stick to posting a selfie at the airport.

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