WATCH: Live out your astronaut dreams in this space-themed hotel

Looking for an out-of-this world experience but don't have the capital to leave orbit? Fret not, in the Crimean city of Alushta, travellers can experience all the sci-fi heavy wonderment of space exploration. 

The Guardian of the Empire hotel has recently opened it's doors and offers visitors and experience of the intergalactic unlike any. Much more than a hotel, The Guardian of the Empire also serves as a museum and entertainment centre. 

Sleep in a space cabin, dine on protein pills, space food and try your hand at a 3D space flight simulator. The museum features a host of space-related memorabilia from the real to the fictitious with displays dedicated to Darth Vader and Yuri Gagarin. 

So get you spacesuit on cosmonauts and head on over to Crimea but first watch the above video to see some of the intergalactic fun you can expect.  

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