Staycation ideas for your Freedom long weekend


Albertus Viljoen 2015/04/23 09:43:29 PM
Slow day?
Liz Terblanche 2015/04/23 09:49:09 PM
Not going to happen soon day?
Tyrone Grobbelaar 2015/04/23 10:17:47 PM
Or... You can relax at home.
Brendan Keith Shaw 2015/04/23 10:22:50 PM
No mention of the Voortrekker Monument; the Taal Monument, the Castle?
Anton Reece Nina 2015/04/23 10:30:23 PM
Is there any reason to celebrate freedom day when our country bis in a shambles
Unknown 2015/04/23 10:31:34 PM
Locked up in our homes. Hopi g not to be killed on "freedom" day.
Maposa Takalani 2015/04/23 10:43:54 PM
What freedom? People walk scared in this country, that's freedom?
Sliver 2015/04/23 10:47:28 PM
Rename to Sithole/Jayde day and work relentlessly until we are truly free
Thandaza Mda 2015/04/23 11:19:28 PM
Freedom day should be celebrated in commemoration of the struggle stalwarts and martyrs of freedom. I was 8 years old on that year BUT i understand very well the significance of that day and I just as I thank the Lord for the blessings and my being, I also thank the lord for that day.
Kevin Sadie 2015/04/23 11:21:19 PM
Save money. Have a braai.
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