The easiest ‘would you rather' (travel edition) ever!

Have you ever been at an airport and found yourself dreaming of sitting on one of those planes jetting off on an adventure? 

'It’s about the journey not the destination' may be true about road trips through stunning mountain passes or vineyards or sailing through gorgeous blue seas to a perfect island getaway. But when the journey means 2 or 3 flights, uncomfortable airport chairs with icy air-cons, layovers and delays in half closed airports that seem to last forever and maybe a crying baby or snorer with his smelly feet to keep you company on the night flight – we’ll take the destination any day!

Many South Africans have friends and family who live in Australia and New Zealand, and while skype and messenger apps can help make the world feel smaller, nothing quite replaces that feeling of a hug or a face-to-face chat over a shared meal with them. Plus, visiting them in their new home towns will give you the opportunity to indulge in some amazing sightseeing and tick off a few bucket list items. We are reminded daily that time passes quickly but this is always most noticeable when you reunite with loved ones who live abroad. Hence it would make sense to avoid wasting time sitting at multiple airports, waiting for that next flight.

When we plan our holidays, our first thought is usually about what we are going to do when we get there. Whether it be the sights we are going to see, the culture and food we are going to indulge in or the time we will spend with our family and friends. We’re looking forward to the actual holiday and not on how we are going to get there. 

With limited leave days, holidays are treasured times, where we try pack in as many memorable moments as possible. Do you really want to spend your valuable time sitting in transit or taking long flights to save a few Rands?

Here’s our ‘would you rather…’ take on getting to our destination (could someone please invent a teleporter!).

Would you rather be...

1.    … dealing with long layovers and connecting flight delays in an airport OR chilling on a beautiful white sandy beach with azure blue seas?

2.    … crossing your fingers hoping your baggage didn’t get sent to the wrong destination during your connecting flight OR watching the braai meat sizzle as you catch up with your friends and family over a “barbie”?

3.    … listening to the sound of crying babies in the seat next to you for 18 hours OR watching the grandparents hold their new grandchild for the first time?

4.    … watching a movie on a small airplane screen OR watching a show at the prestigious Sydney Opera House?

5.    … sleeping in an uncomfortable airplane seat OR floating in the ocean at the Great Barrier Reef?
Even this 360-degree VR video will only pass the time for 7 minutes and make you wish you were already there even more!

6.    … dealing with connecting flights OR enjoying reunion hugs at the airport?

7.    And which view would you rather have?

Don’t waste your precious time in multiple airports when you could be reconnecting with long distance family and friends or exploring the sights that you have always dreamed of. Fly direct to Australia on Qantas or onwards to New Zealand plus you will experience the spirit of Australia from the moment you step on board.

To book your adventure, make your next destination.