WATCH: In Moscow the stray dogs know how to ride the subway better than you

If you're ever using the Moscow subway system, remember to bring some doggy treats.

In Russia, stray dogs have learned how to navigate Moscow's subway system, proving once again how adorable our canine friends can be.

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Some dogs live in the subway full-time, while others ‘commute’ from the suburbs.

These clever canines travel downtown where there are more people – and food that they can find in the trash or beg for.

They’ve learned how to use the escalators and don’t mind crowded platforms.

Subways are recognised by smell, landmarks and even announcers’ voices.

The dogs ride in cars beside people who often hand out both treats and affection. Friendly passengers are remembered and the dogs know to look for them.

When the day ends, these crafty canine commuters head home, ending a busy day in the life of a Russian dog.

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