Daily Skinny: Valentine quickie marriages, More Robben Island nuptials, Day Zero move, now what?

Midweek Mania: What you've missed...

 Weather Update: Severe thunderstorms forecast for parts of the Western Cape and KZN

Thunderstorms for the two coastal provinces expected.

Valentines get quickie marriage licenses at Las Vegas airport 

Talk about a rushed connection.

Passengers describe fear during California plane evacuation

Confusing and chaotic, these poor travellers! 

WATCH: Flight lands in Honolulu after losing engine cover

WTF! At least they landed safely.

 PICS: Costumes, beads and music - Mardi Gras comes to a close

Mardi Gras Hoorahs!

 PICS: Cape Town's stop-start hail storm as #DayZero moved to June

 The rain in Cape Town hit, but barely long enough to be able to say, "It's raining."

 #CapeWaterCrisis: Day Zero has been moved, now what?

See what the WWF has to say about water saving.

 WATCH: Did BA just help create the proposal of a lifetime?

Love is in the air... literally. It's also on the sea!

WATCH: New gorge lift thrills thousands in Graskop + SA’s new attractions to check out

Taking tourism in Mpumalanga to new heights.

 SA Airlink to be prosecuted for 'predatory pricing' 


PICS: 12 couples tie the knot on Robben Island for Valentine's Day

Love ain't a crime. 

#CapeWaterCrisis: Cape Town wins bid to three major conferences on water, hygiene and sanitation

Lordi, we need this.

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