Daily Skinny: 'Ungrateful' South Africans, China shuts Marriott website over mistake, World's most powerful passports for 2018

The travel news you might have missed today - Catch up!

#Shotleft: Festive Season research shows a boost in regional visitors in Western Cape

Cape continues to see a boots in visitors despite drought.

WATCH: World's most powerful passports for 2018

Can you guess where SA ranked? 

UPDATE: China shuts Marriott website over Tibet mistake

Marriott's local website shut down for a week.

UPDATE: Tourists relieved as access to snowbound Swiss town returns

Tourists breathing sighs of relief...

Group sues over passport marker for sex offenders

Attorney Janice Bellucci filed the lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles on behalf of her nonprofit organisation.

FAA investigates latest close call at San Francisco airport

Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the third close call in six months at the airport.

#ShockWildlifeTruths: Elephant trophy hunting under spotlight again

Trophy hunting as a conservation tool in Africa has come under the spotlight yet again.

#ShockWildlifeTruths: Major SA hotel group continues to promote lion walks

Really? Do we need such activities?!

WATCH: A stargazer's guide to the galaxy in 2018

For those with a wanderlust for space, check out this astronomy calendar for 2018.

UPDATE: China hammers Delta, Zara for calling Taiwan 'country'

China spreads its rampage to other companies.

WATCH: What is an aquifer and why is it important for the #CapeDrought?

Be updated with the #CapeDrought situation!

Visitor Safety Team on the prowl to combat crime in Table Mountain National Park

Tourism in South Africa remains vibrant.

Zambia's tourist hotspots unaffected by cholera-outbreak curfew

Tourist destinations are still operating.

Africa travel blogger: South Africans 'are spoiled, mostly ungrateful' compared to other Africans

'I want to see a girl child no longer being held back by traditional or religious shackles'.

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