Weather Update: Rainfall in central SA, fire warning continues in north-western parts

Cape Town - The South African Weather Service warns that fire danger conditions will continue in north-western parts of SA, with a heatwave expected in places in the Eastern Cape on Saturday, 13 January.

According to the Weather Service, extremely hot conditions continue in SA's Northern, Western and Eastern Capes, with places across all provinces expected to see temperatures above the 30°C mark on Saturday.

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Fire dangers and heatwave

Extremely high fire danger conditions are expected on Saturday in places over the West Coast District and Karoo regions of the Western Cape, as well as the interior of the Northern Cape and north-western interior of the Eastern Cape.

In addition to this, a heatwave with temperatures over the 40°C mark are expected over the north-western interior of Eastern Cape.

Precautions to take during heatwave conditions:

Stay indoors in a cool room near a fan if possible

The old and infirm must take extra care 

Listen to the radio or TV for warnings.

Cease strenuous outdoor activity if advised.

Avoid playing sport.

Dress in light weight clothes.

Drink plenty of liquids NOT alcohol.

The temperature in a motor-car can rise to more than 10 degrees higher than the outside temperature in just 10 minutes and 20 C in 30 minutes. Do not leave pets or children in motor-cars, especially in hot conditions.


SA Weather Service warns that on Friday night, 12 January, severe thunderstorms are expected over parts of Harry Gwala and uMgungundlovu districts in KZN, with possible strong winds and hail until 21:00.

On Saturday, isolated showers are expected in places over the central part of SA. A 30% chance of rain is expected over most of the central part of Eastern Cape and Free State, all of Lesotho, extreme western part of KZN, over central and western parts of North West, as well as the extreme eastern part of Northern Cape.


Minimum temperatures on Saturday will be cool in the south-western interior, in places in the North West, as well as over north-eastern Free State and the highveld region. It will be warm along the east coast and northern parts of the Northern Cape, and mild throughout the rest of the country.

The coldest place in SA will be Ermelo in Mpumalanga, with a minimum of 10°C.

Maximum temperatures will be warm along the coastal region and eastern parts of SA. It will be extremely hot in places over the northern interior of the Northern Cape and southern interior, and hot throughout the rest of SA.

The hottest place in SA will be Upington in Northern Cape, reaching a sizzling 42°C.

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Pretoria in Gauteng will see a hot 34°C, Johannesburg will have a high of 32°C, while Bloemfontein in the Free State will reach a scorching 36°C.

Along the coastal regions, Cape Town in the Western Cape and KZN's Durban will both reach a warm 28°C, while Eastern Cape's Port Elizabeth will be 26°C. 

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