Weather Update: Isolated showers in the east as Western Cape heatwave sees highs of 43°C

Cape Town - The South African Weather Service (SAWS) warns that isolated showers leading to flooding can be expected across most of SA, except in the Western Cape on Thursday, 07 December.


A heatwave with persistent high temperature continues in places over the western interior of the Northern Cape, West Coast District, Cape Metropole and Cape Winelands until Friday, 08 December. 

Fire dangers

On Thursday, extremely hot fire dangerous conditions are expected in the Western Cape and the western parts of the Northern Cape.

Rain and flooding alert

Localised flooding is expected over Mpumalanga, southern parts of Limpopo and in the eastern and northern parts of both KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. 

On Thursday evening, a 30% chance of rain has been forecast across SA, over the central parts of the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape, over SA's eastern parts, with rain across all provinces - except the Western Cape.

If you are driving in areas that are experiencing flooding, road flooding is a serious risk and SA Weather Service urges you to drive safely.

Here's what can be experienced in affected areas:

Flooding of roads and settlements.
Occasional poor road visibility.
Fast flowing streams pose danger to life.
Displacement of affected communities.
Damage to property, infrastructure and loss of livelihood.

Precautions to take during flooding

If walking outdoors, SA Weather Service advises that you avoid crossing rivers and swollen streams where water is above your ankles.

"Just 15cm of fast-moving flood water can knock a person off their feet and a depth of 60cm feet is enough to float a car. Never drive on a road covered by water. You do not know how deep it is or if the road has been washed away," warns SAWS.

"If trapped within a vehicle by rising waters, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground," says SAWS, adding that people must listen to warnings and be even more cautious at night when it is harder to see flood dangers.

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Cape water crisis

The City of Cape Town has announced Level 6 water restriction that is set to kick in from 01 January 2018. 

The City says usage levels will remain at 87 litres per person per day, wherever you are unless targets continue to be missed. 

"We will then consider lowering daily allowable usage targets as well in an effort to adhere to the new restrictions by the National Government and also to avoid Day Zero when most of our the taps will run dry," says the City.

"Importantly, all water users have the power to lower their consumption now. If we lower our water usage and the City keeps on working hard to make additional water supply available, we can avoid Day Zero, but only if we work together."

The City further explains that Level 6 acknowledges that there are so many Capetonians that have done a superb job to lower consumption, however, they are still those who are not complying. 

"Currently, 40% of our water users are abiding by the 87 litres per day allocation. However, some 180 000 households are using more than 10 500 litres per month which is simply far too high and places all of us in danger, especially as the hot, dry summer hits us over the next few months. If you are using more than 87 litres per day, you are using someone else’s allocation."

Added to that, the City says there will be water management devices, which restrict water usage, fitted on all households who consume more than 350 litres per day and who fail to apply for a water allocation increase - To apply click here. 


According to SA Weather Service, on Thursday, minimum temperatures will be cold over the southern and central interior and cool throughout the rest of the country.

Vereeniging will be the coldest place in the country, dropping to 10°C.

Maximum temperatures will be hot to extremely hot on the west of the country, and warm to cool in the east. 

The hottest place in SA will be Vredendal in Western Cape, reaching a sweltering 43°C.

Click here to see the specific forecast for your city over the next few days

Pretoria in Gauteng will be a warm 24°C, while Johannesburg will see a cool of 22°C. Bloemfontein in the Free State will see a high of 28°C.

Along the coastal regions, Cape Town in the Western Cape will be a hot 36°C, while KZN's Durban as well as Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape will both see a warm 23°C.

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