Weather Update: Severe thunderstorms forecast for parts of the Western Cape and KZN

Cape Town - The rain in Cape Town has hit, but barely long enough to be able to say, "It's raining."

And while the SA Weather Service (SAWS) predicts rainfall across most of the country on Wednesday, 14 February - a sparse 30% can be expected over the Western Cape, with no rain forecast for Cape Town central.

The situation has been declared a drought disaster, with the City of Cape Town confirming that the dreaded Day Zero has been moved from 11 May to 4 June. 

Level 6b water restrictions are in effect from 1 February, which requires all to drop their daily use to 50 litres pp/day or less. 

The latest data from the City of Cape Town indicate that dam storage level is at 24.9%. This is a weekly decrease of -0.6%.

The week's average daily production of all water sources was at 526Ml/day. This is above the target of 450Ml.

Rain and thunderstorms

SAWS has also warned that high maximum temperature, together with Severe thunderstorms in parts will hit parts of SA.

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On Tuesday evening a watch has been issued for severe thunderstorms across the southern interior of the Namakwa District, the Cape Winelands and the western, central Karoo.

Thunderstorms have also been forecast of the south-western KwaZulu-Natal.

For Wednesday severe thunderstorm conditions, with heavy downpours leading to localised flooding can also be expected across south-western KZN, southern Free State and northern Eastern Cape.

An 80% chance of rain is forecast for Wednesday over central and western Eastern Cape. A 60% chance of rain has been forecast for all of Free State, parts of Gauteng, southern parts of the North West, central and eastern parts of Northern Cape.

A 30% chance of rain is expected over the rest of the country, including central Limpopo, central parts of Mpumalanga as well as the central parts of KZN extending to the East Coast region.


Minimum temperatures on Wednesday will be cool across the central interior and warm to mild throughout toward the coastal part of KwaZulu-Natal.

The coldest place in SA will be Ermelo in Mpumalanga, dropping to 12°C.

Maximum temperatures will be very hot in the Western Cape and warm to hot across the rest of the country. The hottest place in SA will be Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape at 38°C.

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Pretoria in Gauteng will be a hot 29°C, while Johannesburg will reach 27°C. Bloemfontein in the Free State will be 25°C.

Along the coastal regions, Cape Town in the Western Cape will be a scorching 33°C, while Durban in KZN will reach a warm 28°C. Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape will be a mild 29°C.

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