WATCH | Health-conscious passengers chow down on world's strangest in-flight snacks

"I only eat organic and plant-based".

We can only imagine that this is what these health-conscious passengers said before boarding their respective flights. 

In-flight meals? No thanks. These passengers require only the best fresh produce as snacks, i.e. celery and corn on the cob.

That's right, the Instagram account known for posting Passenger Shaming content, @passengershaming, recently shamed/celebrated these two passengers who were spotted snacking on some unconventional plane snacks. 

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This woman opted for a bunch of celery stalks (leaves included) - an excellent healthy option... 

While the below passenger chose to munch on (what we can only assume was a delicious) whole corn on the cob (husk included). The account posted the picture, captioning it so beautifully, "My only issue with this is...WHERE IS THE BUTTER?? I can’t eat #corn without it!"

We agree. Butter and salt are essential. 

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Now you know that there's no need to be shy when packing in-flight snacks. If your diet is important to you, healthy padkos should be high on your list for your next flight!

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