WATCH: Bizarre ways retired planes get a new lease on life

Cape Town - Ever wondered what happens to planes when they can no longer fly?

Normally these massive machines are destined for the scrapyard, but sometimes they end up with a new lease on life - a completely new bizarre life.

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One plane ended up as a cafe famous for honey wine, while another became a world-famous fast food chain. They have also been converted into homes!

Planes are basically air restaurants and hotels, so why not?

Ethiopian plane becomes cafe serving its own honey wine

Bought at an auction, this plane cafe in Ethiopia is serving up customers with home-made honey wine and that fly feeling. It took the owner around 7 hours to get the plane from the airport to its current location in Burayu in the Oromia region, and had to dismantle the wings to do so, according to the BBC.

The honey for its famous wine comes from a hive that made its home in the back of the plane, and takes around a month to ferment the sweet ambrosia. They even have host birthday parties and weddings at the cafe.

Hopefully no one accidentally lifts the brakes. 

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New Zealand McDonald's revamps plane with its iconic red and silver

You'd be hard-pressed to skip the drive through at this insane McDonald's outlet in Taupo, New Zealand. After having been standing unused for over 20 years next to the takeaway joint, the DC-3 plane was refurbished to meet Ronald's standards and became part of the restaurant.

Diners can take their meals up to the cabin for a truly unique experience, although a glass window lets everyone only have a sneak peak at the cockpit. The plane was originally built in 1943 and flew with New Zealand's South Pacific Airlines, reports the Daily Mail.

Almost makes you want to take a trip to New Zealand just for a Big Mac.

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Georgian kids get to play pilot in a kindergarten plane

In Georgia a school principal wanted kids to have too much fun to want to leave school, he decided to buy a plane. Used as a classroom and playpen, the principal wants to encourage his kids from an early age to develop a technological awareness.

Apparently the parents love the 'alternative education' approach and though only 20 kids are currently enrolled, there's a long waiting list.

I would probably also have loved school if I got to play in a plane all day.

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Boeing converted into a Portland, USA home

Some people go all out for their hobbies. Bruce Campbell, an aeronautics enthusiast, made his home in a Boeing 727 once used as a Greek aircraft until it found its final resting place in a forest in Portland.

"Jetliners are basically flying homes," said Campbell, and according to him a plane is really sturdy and can last almost forever. His toilets are the plane's original lavatories and still works, although his shower situation looks like something out of Cape Town.

Do you think you could ever live in a plane? 

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