This man was the only passenger on a Boeing 737 along with 7 crew members

Imagine being all alone in a Boeing 737-800.

Usually, these planes can take up to 188 passengers and about 7 crew members - that's 5 crew and 2 pilots.

In a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a Lithuanian man by the name Skirmantas Strimaitis, flew solo from the capital Vilnius to the northern Italian city of Bergamo, all by his lonesome, reports AP.

Gives new meaning to the term 'travelling solo'.  

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He had his pick: aisle, whole row, whole plane!

The lavatories were always unoccupied, and the service was on point as he was literally the crew's only customer. 

But how did this happen?

Apparently, a Novaturas travel agency chartered the plane to fly a group home from Italy. And to avoid flying empty, one-way tickets were sold, but in the end only one person bought a ticket. The lucky winner was Skirmantas Strimaitis!

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