Sick of being squashed in like sardines? Airlines with more legroom

Tall? Long legs?

Or maybe (like most of us) you are just hoping to avoid a blood clot.

Legroom on planes is a forever-battle, and forever-letdown.

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Especially on long-haul flights. Sure, 2 hours to Jozi from Cape Town with very little legroom won't kill you, but what about a 14 hour flight to Bangkok?!

Like a sense of humour, you either have it or you don’t.

And unless you are lucky enough to fly Business Class or get an Exit seat on your flight, legroom is hard to come by in Economy.

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As mere peasants, we must just suffer in-flight. 

But not all Economy legroom spaces are made equal, actually. 33 inches or 83 cm seem to be a good amount of legroom by industry standards, yet many offer their passengers way less.

I must say, locally Mango Airlines has always gotten my knee of approval.   

Here are a few more global airlines that give their passengers more space for their ZAR: 

Lonely Planet notes that based on cost per centimetre, Turkish Airlines gives you the best legroom, followed by Air India. Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways are also way up there, space wise. 

If you are travelling the US, you might want to opt for a lift with JetBlue. This airline offers a whopping 34 inches or 86.36 cm. 

CN Traveler also lists Aeromexico, Interjet, Japan Airlines, South African Airways, ANA and EVA Airways, Asiana and Air China as some of the best, especially on long-haul flights. 

And when it comes to the naughty corner, some of the worst airlines for legroom include easyJet, Ryanair and Virgin Airways, who only provide passengers with around 28 inches or 71.12 cm. 

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