Shameless! Woman fakes illness to get a better airplane seat - forces emergency landing

You get selfish, and then you get this...

This year, we've seen worse passenger behaviour than ever before - from fake pregnancies to onboard 'contortionists'. But this woman might just take the cake when it comes to pure an utter selfishness as she displayed a total disregard for other passengers' time to satisfy only her own interests. 

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Travel and Leisure reports that on a recent American Eagle flight bound for Miami in sunny Florida, the plane was forced to return to Pensacola when, shortly after take off, a passenger complained that she had trouble breathing. According to CNN, the woman asked the crew whether she could get a better seat. After it was made clear that this was not possible, she suddenly became 'ill'. 

The pilot made the call to turn around and executed an emergency landing. 

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But when the plane landed, the woman refused to deplane. She revealed that she was faking her condition because she wanted to get a better seat. Like a naughty child that didn't get her way!

How she thought this tactic would work, is beyond us. 

In the end, she was removed by law enforcement, and could face criminal charges. 

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