Celebrate FlySafair's birthday with crazy R4 flight deals

If you take a flight to anywhere in South Africa for a price cheaper than a local bus ticket, where would you go?

Well, you’ve got until 09:00 on Thursday, 17 May to decide as FlySafair's annual birthday sale kicks off. The only thing crazier than the flight prices would be you if you don't grab some tickets.

From 09:00 to 17:00 on Thursday, 30 000 tickets on selected flights between 18 May and the end of September 2018 will be made available for just R4!

The sale will last until 17:00 or until the last ticket is sold. Head to FlySafair’s website to grab the tickets as the call centres, ticket sales office and any other distribution centre will not be handling the expected frenzy.

How it will work

You may have experienced one of these frenetic sales before with it being a virtual gauntlet on the internet with thousands hoping to emerge victorious - ticket in hand. Stay strong and focused and you may be one of the thousands of people to walk away with these R4 flights.

FlySafair has a plan though, so fret not. At the start of the sale, a number of shoppers will be randomly selected from the group of online users logging on to the FlySafair website. Selected shoppers will then be allowed to enter the airline’s website where they will need to complete their purchase immediately, otherwise, their session will expire. Tickets can only be reserved by completing payment.

If you haven’t yet been selected, make sure you remain in FlySafair’s online lounge, as a new group will be selected at random to enter the site every five minutes. And different groups will continue to be selected right up until the last ticket is sold. If you’re wondering whether these R4 tickets include airport taxes – the answer is yes they do. They also include carry-on luggage as per FlySafair’s Lite Fare option. Other optional extras are excluded from the ticket.

Prepare yourself

Do note that to prepare for the expected craziness, the FlySafair website will be closed just prior to the start of the sale. If you need to, contact FlySafair’s call centre. The administration fee will be dropped for the day. You will also still be able to make changes to existing bookings online.  

Now that you know everything you need to know, the rest is up to you. So stretch those fingers, prepare some snacks and get comfortable - happy travels!

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