#AfriTravel: Proflight Zambia launches new flight route linking Lusaka and Harare

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, a new flight route has been launched by Zambian airline, Proflight Zambia, to boost #AfriTravel and ensure smooth flying across African skies.

The new route linking Lusaka and Harare will come into effect from 9 July 2018, with flight tickets currently on sale.

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Proflight Zambia is scheduled to fly four times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Here is the flight schedule:

  • Flight P0030 departs Lusaka at 06:45 and arrives in Harare at 07:55.
  • Flight P0031 leaves Harare at 08:25 and arrives in Lusaka at 09:35.

The early morning flight is ideal for business travellers, and also allows leisure travellers to make the most of their trips with easy connection.

The new flight route - which takes 70 minutes - saves travellers more than seven hours of commuting by road, with the flying distance between Lusaka and Harare being about 395km.

According to the airline, this new flight route is the third international route for Proflight Zambia, which also flies from Lusaka to Durban and Lilongwe in Malawi, and also links Zambia’s main provincial centres.

Tickets can be booked in Harare through Proflight’s sales office on + 263 782 870 225 or email HarareSales@proflight-zambia.com.

Enabling economic growth

Proflight director of government and industry affairs, Captain Philip Lemba says that the route was an obvious choice for the airline. “Zimbabwe’s long-held historic ties with Zambia make it an obvious choice for Proflight’s largest route. The neighbouring countries share business, tourism and family links and we are confident that our morning service will complement existing afternoon services on the route,” he says.

Lemba says that air transport “facilitates economic and development growth”, adding that “Proflight continues to help countries participate in the global market by increasing access to main markets and allowing the globalisation of production.”

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The airline also provides opportunities for businesses to import or export goods and services. “These are of economic value to countries,” says Lemba adding that the relationship between Zambian and Zimbabwean trade is “very important”.

The new flight route comes after Ethiopian Airlines finalised an agreement with Zambia to re-launch the country's national carrier. This launch will also enable travellers in Zambia and the southern African region to enjoy greater connectivity.