Scared passenger shares jet escort pics

Cape Town – A Qatar Airways flight has been escorted to Manchester Airport by military jets after reports of a possible device on board.

BBC reports that the plane - thought to be an Airbus A330 with flight number QR023 from Doha - was escorted by the Royal Air Force following information received from the pilot.

While the aircraft landed without incident, flights in and out of Manchester Airport have temporarily been suspended.

Chief supt John O'Hare, of Greater Manchester Police said that they have not yet established how genuine the threat is and urged people at the airport to remain calm, despite increased police activity on the runway.

One of the passengers on board the flight live tweeted the whole terrifying experience, giving not only his followers, but also world media and aviation enthusiasts, a little insight into the tense situation.

Even prior to the incident, Josh Hartley seemed intent on sharing intimate little moments of his travels, like how 'violated' he felt after stepping through a new x-ray scanning machine. 

Little did he know that his trip would get way, way more adventurous!

Check out his updates below:

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