WATCH: The real story behind that awe-inspiring Table Mountain cableway handstand

"My son, Taylan inspired me to do this," says Jeff Ayliffe, the man who recently made jaws drop as he took on the Table Mountain cableway on just two hands. 

Despite a history in gymnastics, he tells me it was really scary up there. Though he adds that he was glad to find the peace and quiet needed to do a handstand like this while elevated so high above the Mother City. It's a type of meditative state where you are able to block everything out around you and just focus on the task at hand. No pun intended. 

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In January of this year, Jeff started what was to become the Handstand 365 Project. He tells us that his son motivated him to do a handstand every day of the year, and from there the idea just grew and grew.

Throughout the year, he has travelled all over the country doing handstands in nature spots, on top of narrow walls, and on top of many other attractions in an effort to showcase the beauty of South Africa in this unique manner.  

"Now I even get invited to various attractions to do handstands."

He says Table Mountain cableway was the scariest one to date. "It was not a stunt, as all was very calculated and I was tethered." For him it's not about doing something dangerous, but rather something that showcases the best of SA. 

I ask him what number 365 will be. "It will be something special. Not something risky, necessarily, but special."

His day 100 of 365 handstand was on the roof of Cape Town Stadium, number 322 was atop the roof of the cableway. So we can only guess that number 365 will be on the roof of something...  

Don't try this at home, kids.   

Jeff adds that later this year he hopes to publish a book featuring his 365 handstands, and plans to donate all proceeds to charity. 

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