WATCH: The last knife-maker of Lebanon's Kousha village

It's a sad time when ancient-old traditions get lost to the march of progress, but some people, like Moustafa Iskandar, are still holding on to them so that they may survive through the generations.

Meet the last living knife-maker from the small village of Kousha in northern Lebanon.

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Steelwork used to be a thriving economy in the town, but has declined over the years.

“Kousha is known for its knives, anyone coming to the Middle East used to be asked to bring back knives, shovels and axes from Kousha," says Iskandar.

He spends hours heating, hammering and sharpening steel before installing wooden handles to create intricate handmade knives.

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Originally, the 62-year-old craftsman used to only repair weapons, but later in life he decided to revive the dying tradition of knife-making, which he inherited from his grandfathers.

“I will preserve this craft even if I become 100 years old. I will keep this thing going for as long as I am alive.

“And I will pass it on to my children and grandchildren, because it’s the craft of our grandfathers.”

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