WATCH: The hunt for the best hummus in Palestine

As much as Palestine has been steeped in an ongoing, war-torn land conflict, it is a country rich in history, culture and life-changing tales. It is also one of the best places to find some delicious hummus to dip your cucumber in.

The hunt begins from from Al Asqa Mosque in Eastern Jerusalem.

Hummus is a Levantine dish with an uncertain origin. The earliest mention of it was in cookbooks in Cairo in the 13th century. One of the best places in Jerusalem to enjoy this treat is at Abu Hassan.

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On the Gaza strip, at one of the biggest ful, falafel and hummus chains called Zahran, the search for the best hummus in Palestine finds its end.

With neither the Gazan or Jerusalem hummus being declared the best hummus, it is up to you to head over to Palestine to try them all out and decide for yourself.    

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