WATCH: Delicate art of balancing stone cairns around SA is rather mesmerising

Have you ever come across a pile of rocks or stones looking like it's defying the laws of gravity?

A pile that, with just enough of a breeze or an accidental tap, would easily and almost therapeutically come crumbling down?

Well, South African videographer Luke Maximo Bell took the mighty task upon himself to show you how it's done.

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The method to the rocky madness lies in getting a rock solid foundation for each stone.

Much like a tripod, having three anchor points is key to having a steady stone in an awkward position.

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Whether you wish to stack from big to small or small to big or mix it up - having a strong foundation for each stone, rock or pebble is vital.

Watch the painstakingly time consuming, but breathtakingly rewarding task as Luke takes you through the wonders of balancing stones with his cute sidekick - his interrupting doggo.

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