This is South Africa's favourite beer - plus what to drink while travelling the African continent

In South Africa, our city streets are lined with pubs with beer on tap. It is synonymous with sporting events like rugby and soccer. And what is a Shisa Nyama braai without it or a hipster's garage without a small batch brewing? 

And imagine a visit to Mozambique without having a few 2M beers?! Impossible! (See the video above for which beers to drink when travelling through Africa) 

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This week we asked our Twitter following to tell us what their favourite beer is. A resounding 'Castle' won with over 40% of the votes. Whether this percentage prefers Castle Lite or Castle Lager is unclear. 

Personally, I enjoy a Black Label when I have the odd beer. My colleague Gabi is a bit more of a beer connoisseur, and prefers CBC Amber Weiss.

"But it has to be in a draft," she adds.

Castle might get the mainstream vote, but earlier this month the best beer in Africa was crowned at the African Beer Cup. Cape Town-based Drifter Brewing Company brewed it, The Stormy Smoked Porter. 

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The craft beer industry is now bigger than ever. Whether made in a micro or medium-sized brewery, these beers are not meant to be mainstream. Rather, they are lovingly enjoyed and cherished by a niche cluster of customers.

Here are just a few to add to your beer wish-list: 

(All with such cool labels and packaging!)  


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