Love is in the air (almost literally) for these Instagram travelling couples

These Instagram celeb couples, take 'couple goals' to the next, next level. 

Travelling the world with your partner sounds lovely. Travelling the world with your partner and getting paid to do so, is quite another. Now, many Instagram stars, both local and international, monetize their content. But it's not always as straight-forward as 'getting paid to travel the world'.

There are various ways in which couples make money to keep on travelling - chasing those incredible wanderlusty shots everyone on Instagram is after. 

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From punting clothing brands, car brands, and beauty brands, to being sponsored by local tourism authorities, some travel couples make up to R100k per post. This travel couple, @DoYouTravel claimed to make this amount in 2018, and today their accounts are growing faster than ever!

But very few people make upwards of R100K on a single post. It's just not how it works. Most influencers and travel couples like local couple, @campsbaygirl and @lifeofmikeza make their money from various sources.

The couple started their accounts separately, building up their own followings.

They now each have massive followings and various brand sponsorship from the likes of Sony and Radisson Blue. Speaking to Traveller24 from Cairo, Mike says "We make our money through a few different sources, one of them is that we are Sony Ambassadors. We also make our money by creating content for brands, which has two sides to it. So, there is the social media influencing side, and then we have the content creation side where we create unique content for them."

The couple says "We don't make millions, but we make enough to keep us happy and to keep us going. As long as we have money to feed our cats and to pay our rent and live life and actually go travel, then we're happy."

They now also have a separate couple account still on the rise, called @dualpassports.

Another local travel-fluencing couple, Chanel and Stevo of @Howfarfromhome recently got hitched in SA, and shared the picture with their 165K followers. Clicking on the below image, you see a range of brands tagged for their beach wedding day on the West Coast. 

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For them, it was a strategic decision in the beginning to build their brand on Instagram. Here, they say, is where they associated best and could focus on delivering an interesting and quality product. One that also sells. 

In the end, there is really no recipe to Insta-fame.

Yes, all these couples are GORGEOUS, and they all photograph the destinations they visit much more beautifully than the next person. These things all help. But having a savvy business sense and grabbing opportunities as they come along are just as important, like with selling any other product in any other market. 

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