LONG TRAVEL READS: Local and international trips to make the mind wander

Travelling can be a healing process - a balm for the soul when you need to press pause on your life in order to regenerate.

Right now however, we have to instead travel through the words of those who have gone before us, escaping our solitary confinement with the help of the digital world.

Here's a collection of Traveller24's top local and international long reads, for when you want to smell the flavours of Singaporean street food, road trip in South Africa to hidden gems, float just off the coast of an Indian Ocean island or dive into our history to help stoke your inner fire.

Eventually we'll be able to fly again - and these trips could be the fuel to spur on your journeys when the time is right.


This is one of the most tranquil and isolated glamping spots in the Western Cape

Wolwehoek offers an idyllic stay that's completely off-the-grid and not near another soul for miles - human souls that is.

The best stops along South Africa's N1 highway

Here are a few of our must-do stops on the route that stretches from Cape Town all the way to the border of Zimbabwe.

An Italian road trip in South Africa for hungry travellers 

You don't have to travel all the way to Europe to indulge in Italian cuisine.

Take a dip with Cape Town’s local swim-risers

Invigorating, life changing and breathtaking. These are just some of the words used by a very energetic group of locals that begin their day in one the most unusual ways – even for Capetonians.

A spa in the forest that's like a fairy tale come to life 

Surrounded by a twilight forest encased in glass walls, the spa at Trogon House is all the reason you need to take a trip down the Garden Route in winter. 

Jacuzzi in a forest spa

4 Spots to discover on the Garden Route that won't stretch your budget

You may think you've seen all there is to see on South Africa's Garden Route, but one or all of these spots may have eluded your previous road trip itineraries.

Glamping between the ocean and flowers at this Northern Cape beach camp 

Lined up right on the beach, the Namaqua Flowers Beach Camp is luxury, tented accommodation in the heart of some of the most beautiful locations in the Northern Cape. 

Eastern Cape Escape: Track cheetahs on foot in Mountain Zebra National Park  

See wild cheetahs outside the confines of a game drive vehicle.

Learning to swim like a fish in Sodwana Bay: What you should know about doing your PADI certification 

Getting your PADI Open Water certification opens a whole new part of your world and giving you more activities to do on your holidays. 

Driving from Durban to the Midlands, beautiful but also terrifying 

The KZN Midlands is beautiful, laid-back and could easily be a top candidates for 'my happy place'; but there's just one issue - getting there. 


Keeping wildlife wild and humans tame at Shamwari Game Reserve

Just 75km outside Port Elizabeth awaits a luxurious, malaria-free, wildlife experience like no other. 

Grootvadersbosch: An off-the-grid forest adventure 

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? 

Move over Cape Town, is this SA's new capital of keDezemba? 

The Eastern Cape city has vibes, architecture and natural beauty perfect for summer days. 

This Plett holiday resort is perfect for a family holiday along the Garden Route  

The Garden Route is possibly one of the most adventure-filled, picturesque and family-friendly spots in South Africa. 

Formosa Bay Resort - perfect for a family holiday

From going hungry to owning part of Stellenbosch's 120k-strong Spekboom labyrinth 

The plan is to grow over 120 000 trees that will be used to create The Great Labyrinth of Africa in Stellenbosch, situated on the Stellenbosch Bridge Smart City development.

KZN’s Freedom Route: Into the heart of a freedom fighter  

South Africa's history has a checkered past. Taking a walk through historical sites and sounds not only unshackle you from the past, but help you envision a better future. 

Rainy hikes across quiet hilly pastures and being over-caffeinated in the Midlands 

From meandering to hills wrapped in blankets of greenery: The grass really is greener on the Midlands' side. 

#ThePreferredLife: Stay in luxury while spying on surfers at Kommetjie in Cape Town 

The Last Word's Long Beach boutique hotel is part of the Preferred Hotels collection which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. 

Viewe of Kommetjie beeach overlooking a pool with


The One Where... they all go on a cruise to Mozambique 

From embarking as strangers to disembarking as friends, doing it any other way now seems completely ludicrous.

Land of the Long White Cloud: A South African’s guide to New Zealand 

A journey to our Southern-Hemisphere neighbour may mean traversing the globe, but is a certainly one worth taking.

Flavours of Singapore from the cheapest Michelin-starred hawkers stall to spicy Peranakan street food

Food in Singapore is as surprising as this innovative city-country, at the bottom of Malaysia.

Singapore is a surprise of delight for foodie trav

The best Seychelles sunset comes with a Creole braai on the beach 

The pristine islands bring paradise to life, the Creole people go out of their way to make you feel at home and the sunsets will make you want to stay forever.

The lonely road to the middle of nowhere for the best apple tart in Namibia 

There are few roads that will put as much hair on your teeth as a journey on the C14 in Namibia through Solitaire, but you are rewarded for your journey with a great slice of apple tart. 

Road-tripping Africa’s sky country, Lesotho 

There’s more to Lesotho than just Sani Pass.

Visa-Free Zanzibar: Tshidi learns to pole-pole 

Being a young professional in Gauteng, your personality can’t help but be moulded by the demands of the rat race, but learning to check, especially in Zanzibar is possible.

Buen Camino! The many roads that lead to Santiago de Compostela 

The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is more popular than ever. We take a look at why.

Camino Santiago de Compostela

The real Holi festival of colour 

Just like any festival, there are a few things to keep in mind if you choose to celebrate Holi abroad.

10 Things I didn’t know about Japan until I went there 

Everyone’s talking about Japan right now, and so they should. It’s hands down the best, oddest, most compelling, most flat-out nutso country I’ve ever visited.

I travelled all the way to the Slovenian Alps because of a chef – and then didn’t eat at her restaurant 

Sometimes choosing your next travel destination can be as lazy a decision as clicking on a random Netflix episode of Chef’s Table.

wine, Slovenia

I went to rural China for one day (on crutches) 

What a very, very short trip to Guilin in southern China taught me about the unpredictability of travel.

Quick itineraries: What to do on an 8 vs a 13-hour layover in Istanbul

Venture out of the airport and discover the old, new and off the radar bits of Turkey’s capital.

Hangry in Hungary: I went to Budapest and didn't eat the goulash 

How a search for Hungary’s traditional meat and veggie dish left me stewing.

Drinking champagne in a fenceless Tanzanian lodge where lions roam around your villa

Azura Selous - where you have to be escorted to your villa because animals roam freely through the lodge.

Tanzania is an easily accessible AfriTravel destin