"I eat ice cream every day I travel" – and other rituals travellers live by

A superstition? Or maybe just a habit. Travellers are certainly not made equal.

Whether it's motion sickness tablets, HELLO! Magazine, a neck pillow, buying a fridge magnet in every city you visit or even eating something specific while discovering a new destination, we all desire different comforts or set and follow specific rules when travelling.  

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We asked a few other avid travellers about their packing and travel rituals: 


Natalie Roos of Tails of a Mermaid, says: 

"I buy a new fragrance for every big trip so that I can connect the scent with memories from new destinations. Gucci Bloom takes me to Paris. Elie Saab reminds me of Bali. It’s a powerful way to transport yourself long after you’ve returned from your travels."


"I eat ice cream every day when travelling, often forgoing actual meals."

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Chanel and Stevo, travel couple 'How Far From Home' 

"I guess we have a few different rituals like, the first day in a new city we always wake-up before sunrise and explore it with no crowds. We also embarrassingly have to buy a magnet in each city we visit. It's the only thing we collect #typicaltourist." 


"Whenever I travel, 90% of the time it involves a transit stop in Dubai. I don't care if it's only a two hour stop or if it's at 3AM, I HAVE to have a Shack Stack burger from Shake Shack on the airport - it's pricey but it's also non-negotiable!"



"I always mark my trips with music. There's a song or a playlist I associate with almost every trip; hearing it takes me straight back."

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"I head to the closest bar and try out the local beers."


"A massage! (albeit always ridiculously overpriced, I can't help myself)." 


"This might be a weird one but no matter where I go or what I do, even if it's to a 5 star lodge, I take my own bar of Dove soap."


"The Red City Bus Tour, always."



"I know this might be a weird one, but I always take a large, light and beautiful scarf/pashmina/sarong, spritzed with my favorite perfume. On planes I shelter under it from the noise and smells and lack of privacy, and in my travels it works as an accessory, a warming shawl and a beach wrap. It’s kinda like the towel in the Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy, but with a feminine twist."


"Mentos. It helps so much for motion sickness."


"I always take a selfie stick on my travels."


(Balicasag Island, Bohol, Philippines. Photo: Richard Chen)  

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