An Instagrammer's dream? 8 destinations to go snap up

As South Africans we often gravitate to travel destinations where we don't need a visa. Mauritius, Thailand and Brazil being firm favourites.

Add in a budget-destination and we're smiling from ear to ear.

But where are the coolest of the cool South African people going? Or where do they aspire to visit? 

Quick Guide to Senegal: Visa-free travel for South Africans

We asked a few local avid Instagrammers where they are planning a trip to next: 

Sithasolwazi Kentane, freelance writer

Dream local destination? 

"My local dream destination is Hogsback in the Eastern Cape. While studying at Rhodes, I heard of this place that sounded enchanting and quite magical. My peers who had visited the area came back with such amazing stories and I told myself that I wouldn’t rest until I found out what all the fuss was about. Sadly it’s still on my bucket list, but hopefully not for long."

And international?

My current dream international destination is Senegal. 

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"I feel there is an untapped cultural and fashion current that needs to be explored through images, film and words. I think it may be the most vibrant space in Africa and I would love to find out what’s in the water over there. The images that come out of Senegal are able to compete on an international scale, but always have an undeniably authentic African voice in them."

Jenna Kelly, social media specialist/copywriter

"Locally, I've just come back from Scarborough in the Western Cape and would go back there in a heart beat. It's a sleepy, magical little town where you'll find yourself never knowing what the time is and becoming besties with the locals by the end of your stay."  

Island or city next?

"My next international dream destination is the Philippines. I'd love to just go hunker down on a beach somewhere for a few days instead of the usual activity-laden travelling I do. I've heard that if you pick an island outside of the main, touristy areas, that you'll find pristine, tropical beaches."

Iman Mkwanazi, business owner

Beach or bush life? 

"My local destination hot spot is AM Lodge situated in Hoedspruit, Limpopo. It’s absolutely luxurious and the owners have paid attention to detail with regards to the interior. Perfect for a tranquil holiday destination."  

Which continent to next? 

"My international hot spot is Cuba, I could live off a backpack and it wouldn’t matter. The country is vibrant and rich in culture and history. The colourful architect makes it every Instragrammers dream destination."

Le'Chelle Aldridge, beauty expert

Next local getaway? 

"The Riverstone FamTin is the perfect little romantic getaway spot if you’re looking for something secluded and just under 2 hours outside of Cape Town. They also have larger accommodation that sleeps 10 if you’re keen for a big weekend away with friends." 

And abroad?

"New York is at the top of our list, because my sister lives in the States with her family and we’d love go on holiday with them!  I can’t think of anything better than exploring NY on foot, drinking copious amounts of coffee, reading & picnics in Central Park." 

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