East London home affairs shambles caught on camera

Cape Town - South Africa's new visa rules have been causing quite a few headaches for both citizens and foreign nationals alike, but a Traveller24 reader says he was shocked at the lack of security he found at the East London home affairs offices. 

Pierre Alexander told Traveller24 in an email that he visited the department of home affairs in an effort to try and establish how far along his non-South African wife's application for permanent residency was.

Even though the offices were in the process of moving to a new premises, Alexander said he witnessed a general state of disorder.

"There was absolutely no security and random people were walking in and out of the offices. I was in the passage for over 20 minutes before I snapped the pictures and left."  
Take a look at the pics here.

Alexander said he found the fact that piles of permit documentation, containing highly personal and confidential information littering the floor and obviously accessible to anyone who walked in, inexcusable.

"Its a pity that the POPI act (protection of personal information act) hasn't been enacted yet," he said.  

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