WATCH: World's most powerful passports for 2018

These are the must-have passports for the best visa options, according to the  Henley Passport Index 2018.

The index is determined by the number of visa-free countries one country's passport can visit.

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In the latest update, South Africa moved up two spots to 50th on the list, with 102 countries we can visit visa-free, while Germany was overtaken from its number one spot by Singapore and Japan. The worst-ranked passport is still Afghanistan, now coming in at 102nd.

Seychelles, now with visa-free access to 151 countries, is the highest-ranking country in Africa and also climbed up three spots to take 24th place on the index.

Sierra Leone, which at first was the the African country that improved the most on this year’s index, dropped again to 76th place. Meanwhile, Libya and Eritrea's visa scoring has improved to 41 and 39 respectively, although they still sit at the very bottom of the region in the index.

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