WATCH: This travel jacket has 25 reasons why it'll make flying easier

You'll definitely need this travel jacket from Kickstarter after watching this video.

BauBax is releasing their second travel jacket - this time with 25 features - and they're raising money on the crowdfunding platform to get it back on the shelves.

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The jacket, which comes in four styles for men and women - bomber, sweatshirt, vest and windbreaker - is designed to make travelling anywhere much more efficient by having all your must-needs in easy-access pockets.

It includes a neck pillow, passport pocket, footrest, blanket, bottle, gloves, eye-mask, drink pocket, keychain, bottle opener and even a secret pocket that will be different on each jacket and only you will know where it is.

The Kickstarter campaign has far exceeded its goal and you only have until 15 April to pre-order your own BauBax at a special price starting at $119 (about R1 441 at R12,11/$) and they deliver anywhere in the world. 

The first BauBax jacket goes for between R3 590 and R6 295 in South Africa, so you'd be saving quite a bit when the Kickstarter jackets get shipped in August.

No more scrounging around in your carry-on for everything!

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