WATCH: Only in SA ... Hippo strolls into petrol station!

Cape Town - Incredible footage was taken of a hippo taking a casual evening stroll through a petrol station in St.Lucia in KwaZulu- Natal.

Petrol station or wetlands? 

The small town of St. Lucia is in close proximity to iSimangaliso Wetland park - which is home to various species of wildlife and is a hub for hippos. It is also home to the lush lake St. Lucia, and residents are aware of this close proximity to hippos. 

During the evening of 17 July - a hippo decided to visit the local petrol station in the small town and people fled away as this hefty animal approached the station.

Imagine deciding to fill up some petrol and having to gaze out the window only to find a hippo staring back at you - scary stuff! 

For all we know the hippo could just want to grab a snack at the petrol station's shop - although it was safer for those around to gain distance between the hippo and themselves. 

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Many individuals fled from the petrol station as hippos are known to be rather aggressive and have gained a reputation as such. During times of drought, hippos are said to be more volatile as they are protective of their wetlands.

The size of these creatures are clear to see as it approaches the white Cti Golf. It appears to be the same size and possibly even bigger! 

Only in South Africa would you get to see this up close and personal sighting of African wildlife!

(Video taken by Innes Minnie)

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