WATCH: 5 Comedians explain what's wrong with airports

Cape Town - We all have our airport stories of delayed flights, overweight bags and the occasional snarky airport staff that make flights that much more stressful, and these comedians are ready to throw shade.

Airport announcers, hyper kids, checking in and other frustrating anecdotes from the funniest comedians will make you feel better after a long haul trip.

It's probably not a good idea to try these jokes on the airport worker who's finishing off a 12-hour shift.

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Trevor Noah's take on airport announcements in South Africa

All over the world airport announcements all have the same tone of voice - until you get to South Africa says Trevor Noah. Our two main airports may have gone silent, but there's still boarding gate changes and flight delay announcements to keep us entertained.

Arj Barker on kids flying 

All kid-free adults have their hearts drop when they see a baby on a plane, and for parents it's even more of a nightmare flying with young kids. Arj Barker has a few ideas to make everything easier for everyone involved.

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The pain of checking in according to Sebastian Maniscalco

We have all been there - when you're 500g over the allotted weight and have to open your bag in front of everyone just so you can take out your shoes. Sebastian Maniscalco is convinced it's the best part of the airport staff's day.

The real struggle of far-flung gates as told by Lee Evans

When you have enough bags for your whole life and you get told to cart it to the furthest gate at the foot of Mount Doom. Lee Evans is perfect at explaning the hardship of finding your gate when you attempt to carry all your clothes on you.

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Chris Redd explains the frustration of being stuck at an airport

Getting stuck at the airport is no fun, but it's not only the passengers feeling the heat. Chris Redd feels the burn from airport staff when he tries to ask a question after a five hour delay.