These vintage travel ads will make you cringe as you skip back in time

We're all familiar with the wanderlust-fuelling magic that radiates from a witty, vibrant and well-thought-out tantalising travel or airline poster or ad.

However, it hasn't always been smooth sailing for the world of airline, travel and tourism commercials in terms of representation - particularly of women and people of colour.

Join us as we venture into the bowels of the ghosts of travel ads' past and unearth the remnants of the early dawn of travel marketing and breathe a sigh of relief for just how far we've come.

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From cringe-inducing video commercials to posters that have you wondering who on this good, green earth would approve it and its message - check out some of the best of the worst and most bizarre vintage travel and airline ads.


sexist vintage travel ad

Trans World Airline’s TWA Constellation: 1953. (Photo: Vintage Ad Browser

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sexist vintage travel ad

Japan Airlines: 1959. (Photo: Vox)


sexist vintage travel ad

British Overseas Airways Corporation: 1964. (Photo: Vox)

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sexist vintage travel ad

United Airlines: 1966. (Photo: Vox)

sexist vintage travel ad

American Airlines: 1966. (Photo: Vox)

sexist vintage travel ad

United Airlines: 1966. (Photo: Vox)


sexist vintage travel ad

US News & World Report, April 22, 1968. (Photo: Vault

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Miami's 1970s 13-minute-long groovy and innuendo-laden "Color Me Fun" video had to make the list of one of the cringiest ads around


If you thought horrible travel and tourism ads were only a thing of yesteryear, I apologise for what you're about to witness below from tone deaf ads to ones that are just downright cringey...


Instead of focusing on attracting international visitors, this 2012 UK advert rather focused on attracting their domestic tourists - by bashing other places... 


Talk about an annoying repetitive earworm you did not ask for, this ad goes way too hard on its one and only slogan.


Although a few years old, Singapore's 2014 tourism advert will live on forever as one of the worst. The backlash was so bad that the country's tourism board pulled it from all of their online channels, but thanks to the Internet it lives on so that you relive the cringe...

This 2014 ad tried to hop onto the flash mob dance trend and unfortunately just felt a little out of pace for me...

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