#Indaba2018: Why does Africa move you?

It may be the culture, its people or the gorgeous natural landscapes, but everyone has their own reason why they have such a deep connection with Africa.

Africa's Travel Indaba 2018 has been going for decades, but it's only in its second year as a pan-African event, focusing on partnerships between the continent's country to build up the tourism industry.

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"We understood that if we activate the entire continent we win, so if Africa wins we all win," says SA Tourism COO Sthembiso Dlamini at Indaba.

"Tourism has a very important role in contributing to the economy. So if we, as South Africans, see tourism as a great opportunity, why not the rest of the continent?

"We have to begin to actually take our own development into our own hands as the continent, as opposed to relying on other people to come and rescue us."

Taking inspiration from the hashtag #AfricaMovesYou, Traveller24 asked Indaba delegates to share their connection with the Mother Continent?

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