WATCH: Passengers master the art of disembarking a plane

Getting off a plane has never looked this effortless and orderly.  

We all know that approximately 1 second after the plane lands, all passengers jump up, expecting to exit the plane at once! No waiting, no order or discipline exercised, people can be extremely impatient. Yet, we all know that it should work like this: row by row.

PIC: The real story behind this photo of a passenger sitting on backless plane seat

Recently, a flight attendant captured a timelapse of passengers getting of a WestJet charter flight from Fort McMurray in Alberta to Calgary International - and frankly, it gives us hope for humanity: 

See, proper deplaning is possible!

However, Travel and Leisure notes that all passengers on board were said to be experienced flyers - no children were present or first-time flyers who don't know the row-by-row method. 

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