This is the reason most airplane interiors are blue

Have you ever wondered why the colour blue is used to decorate most airline interiors?

Why not red or orange? Or lime green?

(I know, orange at 40 000 feet sounds like a horrible idea!)

There is some actual legit reasoning behind choosing blue, though. Turns out, blue really is the warmest colour. 

Blue is calming. And because so many people are fearful of flying, blue surroundings assist passengers to a degree in terms of settling their nerves.

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Imagine being terrified of flying and being trapped in a blood red cabin for 14 hours! Like a literal nightmare. 

The psychology behind how we connect with colour is very interesting, and various studies have been conducted around colour and people's behaviour. This study notes "...prudent use of colours can contribute not only to differentiating products from competitors, but also to influencing moods and feelings – positively or negatively – and therefore, to attitude towards certain products."

Airports apparently use a similar strategy with airport interiors. Especially when it comes to carpeting terminals. 

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Areas where passengers wait for boarding are more likely to be carpeted that other surface areas of an airport. It provides that comfy, almost welcoming, homely feeling that airports want passengers to have while waiting for their flight. 

Cold, unwelcoming spaces with bright colours could potentially evoke a whole string of emotions in a space that many people already experience as anxiety-producing. 

So next time you fly, take note of the carpets and the blue and let the calm just wash over you!

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