This airline is offering discounts to Americans with Mexican DNA

Imagine you could get discounts on flights to a specific destination if you happen to have DNA from the people who live there?

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As tensions between the US and Mexico continue to rise due to immigration and the never-ending government shutdown over the Wall, one AeroMexico ad campaign is going viral that touts flight discounts to Mexico for southern Americans who have some Mexican DNA in them.

While it does appear to be a marketing stunt and the video was uploaded last year, it suddenly went viral in January. The video shows your typical Texan Americans with some strong views about Mexico, but when told how much of their DNA is from Mexico, they suddenly change their tune when the percentage gets converted into a flight discount.

The more Mexican you are, the bigger the discount.

Whether or not it's just a gimmick, it does raise some interesting ideas about DNA tourism and bridging national animosity between countries - we are all part of the human race and "there are no borders within us".

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Watch the video below:

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