Is it okay to recline your airplane chair just because you can?

"Excuse me sir, you are crushing my food tray. Sir?"

Can you relate?

Or have you, in fact been the passenger responsible for crushing the tray of the person sitting behind you when opting for that full-on, in-flight recline?

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Thing is, we all have different opinions on what's acceptable and unacceptable on board. Some won't tolerate a recliner, telling them off for pushing their tray table into their gut. While others don't mind working with their laptop on their lap.

Do you or do you not have the right to recline? If you asked any crew member, they'd all say "yes", go right ahead, says CNN. But should we use the reclining function just because it is there?

You can’t recline during take-off and landing, because of safety reasons. But what about the safety of my beverage?! 

We asked our Twitter following whether they recline, and it came pretty close: 

Some of the people polled added that they only choose to recline once the person in front of them forces them into doing so. That is, the recliners. Personally, the worst part is when someone chooses to recline just as your meal or red wine is served. With zero warning! Smush…a great day for wearing white, I guess. 

During ‘sleep time’, reclining is acceptable, I’d say. For example, a long-haul flight abroad that falls during night-time. And yes, it can work if everyone reclined at the same. But of course, this almost never happens.

The Points Guy says that the recline is a zero-sum game. One person's gain will always mean another person's loss. We have become a less considerate human race; especially on planes as the examples of shameless passenger keep proving to us on a daily basis.

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So what are those of us to do who feel 'too bad' to recline? Well, when you can't beat them, maybe consider joining them...

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