WATCH: This medieval Germany-themed amusement park in Japan went from fun to frightening

In Hokkaido, Japan, an amusement park is slowly being reclaimed by nature. 

This German-inspired amusement park was a way to bring tourism to the island but in 2007, the park mysteriously shut down. No one quite knows why the park, named "Glück Kingdom", closed its doors.

The attraction was to show the Japanese people what medieval Germany was like. For authenticity, materials and statues were imported from Germany. Exact replicas of German buildings were constructed and German contractors were brought in to help build the park. 

Inspiration was taken from the Grimm Brothers fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. 

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In addition to theme park rides, the island also had hotels, restaurants and offices. 

Unlike most abandoned places, this theme park has not been vandalised. Everything is in the same place it was the day that it closed almost as if the visitors and employees just vanished. 

Trees and weeds are taking over. In summer, you can barely see the rides but with a little TLC, it's possible this park might welcome visitors once again.  

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