WATCH: This is how wine corks and barrels are made

Most people view wine corks as a wooden object standing between them and a refreshing drink.

But have you ever wondered where these objects come from or who even makes them? There is a whole industry of cork and barrel makers that consists of people who are passionate about their craft. The oldest and largest cork producing company in the world sells about 5 billion corks a year.

Who knew this business would create so much employment. Apart from the corks another important part of the wine industry is the barrels. Barrel makers create the entire container from scratch, a container that will ultimately influence the taste of some of the best wines in the world.

Next time you pop a bottle of pinotage before you throw the cork away take some time to consider the hard labour that was put into crafting the product and if you want to take your admiration up a notch you can start collecting different types of corks for those special occasions in your life that call for a celebration.

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