WATCH: Kulula invites Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on a 'sho’tRight' Mzansi honeymoon

South African low-cost carrier, kulula, invites Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to consider going on a "sho’tRight" experience of Mzansi.

The couple are set to enjoy their honeymoon in Namibia, and got engaged in Botswana. They've often expressed their love for southern Africa, so kulula jumped at the opportunity to get them to experience SA as a "honeymoon on a honeymoon", saying we're "only a Sho’tRight from good old Namibia".

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As part of this epic SA honeymoon, the airline even went as far as giving the royal couple proudly South African names, re-naming Harry Thabang meaning “Happiness” and Megan Bontle which means “Beautiful”.

kulula invites the couple to discover SA by highlighting similarities between the British and South Africans, and refering to the things in SA that it thinks the couple will enjoy, in an attempt to persuade them to take on the offer.

We sure hope that driving on the "left" side of the road, SA's "castles", the African sunshine and a proudly South African take on the English breakfast with the inclusion of Mopani worms will convince the royal couple.

Here's the royal invitation:

"Should they wish to take kulula up on its offer to host them, kulula will offer to fly them around for “mahala”, roll out the green carpet and let Meghan practice her royal wave for all South African’s who would like to see it!" says the ailrine.

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Bridgette Ramuluvhana, Marketing Manager of says, that “All over the world South Africa is renowned as a magnificently beautiful country, but we are also a country with the warmest and most welcoming people. Just as the royal family welcomes Meghan into the royal family, who better than to congratulate the new royal couple and as a wedding gift from South Africans, give the new princess a little fly-over, to show her all that South Africa has to offer.”

kulula is not the only airline wrapped up in royal wedding fever, as British Airways (BA) announced that in celebration of the royal wedding, it will operate a crew of only Meghan and Harry’s on the BA93 flight on 19 May to Toronoto - the city where Harry's and Meghan's relationship started. 

BA also has a string of treats in store for some of its passengers on the day of the royal wedding - including access to exclusive lounges, and giving away free cake and champagne.

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Meanwhile, kulula says it is "holding thumbs" to host the couple after they get married, and encourages South Africans to make the most of our warm winters too.

"Lap it up and have yourselves a royal time, whilst we hold our breaths in anticipation. Get yourself onto one of our green machines and go explore all that Mzansi has on offer in Cape Town, Durban, George, East London and Johannesburg," says kulula.

Even if the couple do not accept the invite, that video sure convinces us that South Africa is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a honeymoon, and include on your travel bucket-list.