WATCH: A beach without sand, 200m bungee plunges into the ocean and quick-sand escape lessons? 11 next-level beaches!

If you've been dreaming about a bit of sun and sea, we're about to take your beach escape inspiration to the next level with the above video. 

No doubt the world is awash with some extraordinary beaches - but these 11 unusual ones that need to be added to your sandcastle bucket list for sure. But ever wondered what it feels like to be sinking into quick sand? Wander on over to Mont Saint-Michel in France, where they give you first-hand lessons during low tide.  

Or what about a beach with no sand - we're not kidding. Shell Beach in Shark Bay, Western Australia. Ouchie?! But we're pretty chuffed that South Africa get its own inclusion with Instagram favourite that is Boulders Beach. 

What about a beach hidden inside a cave? The Benagil Sea Cave off the coast of Algarve is Portugal is perfect for a next-level sea-kayaking experience. Otherwise you can do a 200m bungee straight into the ocean in Greece. Touch the sea if you dare. Watch the main video above for the full list of 11. 

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