PICS: If country names were literal - this is what world maps would look like

Cape Town - Have you ever wondered what world maps looked like if country names were literal to their meaning? Well, Credit Card Compare has visualised world maps in that very fashion!

If you find yourself scratching your skull as to how some places got their name - look no further, these graphic maps delve into each country's namesake etymology to dissect what their names really mean.

Some of the revelations are easily identifiable while others are straight up bizarre.

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From place names that mean 'Home of the Mixed Tribes' to others that literally just translate to the 'Land of many Rabbits'.

Who knows on your last trip you could've even been to 'Single House' or the 'River of Prawns'.

Heck, your next trip could even see you 'Beside the Water' or 'In the Navel of the Moon'. 

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Check out the place names and their literal meanings on the map graphics below:

The World:

First up, the overall graphic of the literal map of the world.

literal world map by credit card compare


Bringing it closer to home, the literal map of Africa features and array of interesting name choices. From the 'Land of Burnt Faces' to 'Hippopotamus'. South Africa is serving some beauty while Benin seems to be built on dispute. 

literal world map by credit card compare


This large continental region includes the elusive 'Place Where One Stands' and the country that holds a candle to the flame of the sunrise (aka 'Land of the Rising Sun'). 

literal world map by credit card compare


Europe - home to the 'Land of Men' and the even larger 'Land of many Rabbits' as well as the mystical 'Land of Tall People'. 

literal world map by credit card compare


This region features Australia - a fellow 'Southern Land' nominee, but apparently without that SA beauty. Oceania also features the mist-erious 'Land of the Long White Cloud' and 'Frizzy-Haired Men'. 

literal world map by credit card compare

South America:

The spicy region of South America features the fireball known as 'Red like an Ember' and you can shake your tail feather in the fly country of 'Bird's Tail'.

literal world map by credit card compare

North America:

Aside from the predictable name of USA, North America also features the large land known as 'The Village' as well as a 'Land of many Trees'. While you're there, you can even visit 'In the Navel of the Moon'. 

literal world map by credit card compare