PICS: How your favourite soccer teams are riding the skies to the FIFA #WorldCup in Russia

You know you've caught the World Cup fever when the words 'waka waka' starts bubbling up out of nowhere, and while you may only be able to get into the spirit from your couch, your favourite teams have already started arriving in Mother Russia for their game prep.

And unlike the spectators, you know these soccer players will be arriving on private jets or in first-class seats aboard planes branded with their faces. Airlines are ready to show the allegiances, but one airline is ready to support the whole tournament as a World Cup partner - Qatar Airways.

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They're such big fans that they're even setting up Fan Zones at their base at Hamad International Airport so that travellers can still feel included in the atmosphere while on their travels. The matches will be broadcasted live on big screens, World Cup memorabilia will be on sale in their duty-free shops and soccer freestylers, soccer jugglers and impromptu soccer matches will also be roaming around the airport. 

This is part of the buildup to when Qatar will be hosting the next World Cup in 2022.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 will kick off on Thursday, 14 June, with the first match between host Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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Wherever your allegiance lies, check out how the best in the sport are arriving in the land of Putin and vodka and get hyped.


Egypt's national soccer team was honoured by their national carrier EgyptAir with their own specially branded B737 plane to celebrate the country's inclusion in the world cup for the first time in 28 years.

However, according to Think Marketing, some of the country's designers were not so impressed with the shoddy design dominated by the team's sponsors.

What do you think?

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In true German style, Die Mannschaft's private plane from Lufthansa is more minimalist, with the airline renaming the plane to 'Fanhansa' - which means the bird that flies the fans. 

The team looks all set to take on Russia.

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The squad received quite a welcome from fans at the airport, although their ride wasn't as sleek as their suits and luggage. 

The team is so on the ball that they already had their first practice!

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The Super Eagles might have beat the Brazilians in the style department though, arriving in a smaller private plane.

Their plane might be understated, but their African spirit is soaring.

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The Three Lions opted for a more sporty look, which is probably way more comfortable on the long flight.

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People have been losing some of their cool at the Iranian boys, and their ride is also looking pretty fly from their national carrier.

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These African lions are flying on a specially chartered plane from Salzburg, donning some special chic African style.

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The Moroccans had the same idea as England and opted for comfort with their Adidas pants ready to take on the world.

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