Are these 25 super popular tourist attractions really worth the hype?

These 25 attractions are well-known and tourists often flock to them in masses - but are they really worth the hype? TripAdvisor review stats say otherwise.

But, with hundreds of attractions and sights to see around the world it's near-impossible to decide where to start or which to visit.

Platforms like TripAdvisor contain reviews from users - people who have already visited the attractions. This gives readers a direct insight based on the user's experience, opinion and rating of the place.

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Using this wealth of data known to highlight the top attractions from around the world, set out to put the most-overrated attractions into an infographic perspective - in hopes of potentially saving tourists a lot of time, hassle, and money. 

They had selected some attractions that tend to cause the most traction and discussion on the Internet and then set about comparing their average to terrible review ratings.

Since TripAdvisor uses a five-star rating system, to work out their average review rating, MyOffers took the total number of reviews (including four and five stars) and worked out the percentage of users who have rated the attraction average (three stars) or below.

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Their research led to some interesting results, like a massive 57% of the TripAdvisor reviewers who consider The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue) from Denmark, the most overrated attraction in the world.

See the other overrated attractions below:

tripadvisor's most overrated tourist attractions

TripAdvisor's top 25 most overrated tourist attractions. (Photo: MyOffers / Supplied)

(See full size image here)

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The runners-up to the reign of The Little Mermaid include two of Britain's best-known attractions: Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace, with 20% and 16% of reviewers, respectively, rating them average or below.

In the other parts of the globe, America's most overrated attraction was Times Square with 15%, closely followed by China's Forbidden Palace, and The Strip in Las Vegas, both with 12% of reviewers classing them as overrated.

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However, on the other side of the review spectrum, the top-rated tourist attraction was a three-way tie. First place was snagged with a 97% reviewer satisfaction rating for Machu Picchu in Peru, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the UAE and the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood in Russia.

See the full list of both here.