WATCH: Heart-warming footage of West Coast National Park

Cape Town - South Africa is one of the world’s natural gems that offers the full spectrum of habitat types and everything in-between.

As a wildlife destination, the country is home to thousands of species found in plentiful abundance in the game reserves and national parks of the country, as well as in the wild and natural countryside.

And speaking of national parks, Robert Wedderburn's footage of West Coast National Park provides beautiful visuals on how some  rare reptiles and amphibians live free. 

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Some of the reptiles include the Geometric Tortoise, Speckled Padloper, Southern Adder, Giant Girdled Lizard, and the Cape Legless Skink.

According to Cape Town Tourism, the best time to visit the West Coast is between August and September, when the flower season is in full swing and the landscape is lit up with blooming wildflowers. But it must be said that the West Coast National Park is a year-round delight with vast natural landscapes, unspoiled coastlines, and an easy-going lifestyle that attracts many visitors each year.

Visitors top the Park can enjoy Langebaan Lagoon views, where kite boarders reign supreme and families from all backgrounds can be found sticking their toes into the cool golden sand.

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