The perfect pitstop: Spend a night in this Midlands village before taking on the Drakensberg

Valleys and rocky gorges define the landscape of the Drakensberg mountains. Who wouldn't want to spend a weekend in a place so hypnotically beautiful?

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But before reaching this ultimate destination, take a turn to a place promising nothing but countryside chill. The mountains are just 20 minutes from the Natal Midlands, so before driving all the way to the Drakensberg from Durbs, turn into the tiny town of Nottingham Road.

Spend an afternoon or stay over for the night. It is everything you picture a one horse town looks like. Only, it's bursting with colour and plenty to do. 

coffee, Natal Midlands, Durban

(PHOTO: Marisa Crous)

Stay percolated

In the heart of the Midlands Meander, it's home to a couple of artisan brewers like the Nottingham Road Brewing Co. But there is also a very active love for coffee brewing here - keeping all awake and caffeinated in this sleepy town. 

Where to get perky: 

coffee, Natal Midlands, Durban

(PHOTO: Marisa Crous) 


  • Flamme Rouge Cycle Cafe - hire a bike and go on your own meander to this pretty spot situated in the heart of Nottingham Road's Gowrie Village, a cyclist-friendly coffee and lifestyle shop. 

  • Lineage Coffee - get some of the area's best (and strongest) coffee served by the friendly staff. Here you can also buy some of the best coffee equipment to brew your own at home.

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Go see Mandela's Capture Site

Take a drive past Curry's Post and drop in by Terbodore Roastery for yet another strong one. Then carry on to the Nelson Mandela Capture Site, close by in Howick. Its the cultural and historical exhibition where he was apprehended for his anti-Apartheid activism acts in August 1952.  

It's a nice walk down and a fantastic place to learn about this important part of South African history. 

Storybook countryside stays

Who doesn't like a lush looking pasture? Rolling hills, dams that glisten in the morning sun, and landscape dotted with grazing cows - it's like a scene from Wuthering Heights! 

From Brahman Hills to Gowrie Farm, the luxe farmstyle options are endless in the Midlands. 

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