Defrosting in the Drakensberg: Better for your budget than many other quick spring escapes

The bush is always a good option for those wanting to escape the cold during winter and the cool spring months that follow. Especially for Capetonians, who tend to have winter weather just a tad longer than the rest of the country.

Like two or three months. 

Wild Coast beaches in the Eastern Cape tempt us with their warmer waters as we feel the ever-increasing need to up our Vitamin D levels and defrost our toes. That is if we can wedge them out of our heat-holding winter socks. 

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The bush

The Waterberg, Kruger, Hoedspruit - the options and offerings for a safari and game lodge adventure in the form of a weekend or long-weekend away are endless in South Africa. With warm winter days with temperatures soaring to 30°C, what's not to like? 

And it's ideal for families, groups or friends as well as couples wanting a romantic break.

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However, the bush can run up quite a tab. Unless you're doing it camping or basic self-catering style, safari lodges tend to be luxury experiences reserved for special occasions. 

The beach

The Cape Peninsula's waters are sub-zero temperatures almost all year round; so Capetonians tend to flock to the Garden Route, the Wild Coast or to balmy climates found not too far away from SA, ie Mozambique or islands like Mauritius or Zanzibar, in search of waters that won't numb the toes.

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Though island holidays are ideal for spring, especially if you find an affordable package deal that is all-inclusive, it usually requires you to book off for a week or more as travel is much further.

The 'berg' 

It's not the bush, it's not the beach, it's the 'berg'.

Waking up in the Northern Drakensberg, it's chilly like the Free State at the end of winter. Not quite 'freezing my ass off cold', but the nip makes its presence known in the air.  

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However, soon the weather turns hot, hot, hot and you're able to walk around in summer clothes, chill by your resort's pool sipping on a glass of wine, or go hiking and even catch a slight tan in the process. 


(PHOTO: Marisa Crous) 


(PHOTO: Marisa Crous) 


(PHOTO: Marisa Crous) 


(PHOTO: Marisa Crous) 

Choose the Northern Drakensberg, which is dotted with resorts. Mainly 3-star resorts like The Cavern Resort and Spa and aha Alpine Heath Resort, that are good for the pocket, ideal for a weekend or long-weekend away, and are family friendly, featuring loads of activities for every age group. 

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