8 Southern Africa nature backdrops very popular with local Instagrammers

Instagrammers love a nice wall as a backdrop for their meticulously crafted uploads. Think tiled walls in Lisbon, graffitied buildings in Berlin and colourful homes in Bo-Kaap.

But nature is better. 

Cactus, pristine beaches and rolling dunes might just trump any other background.

So, if you need a new Whatsapp profile picture with a nature backdrop, you might want to head to these ultra-cool spots: 

1. The Cactus plants at Babylonstoren, Franschhoek

Everyone's favourite farm to visit in summer, this place is a nature-lover's dream.

Take a snap by the cactus and go enjoy a delicious fresh salad and fruit lunch at the deli or at the more upmarket Babel restaurant, both situated on the property. 

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2. The big bushy bougainvillea in front of Oep ve Koep in Paternoster, West Coast

I am a massive fan of this fuchsia flower, and have even taken a snap in front of this lush bougainvillea sitting outside the West Coast eatery.

It almost resembles a burning bush. 

3. Bakoven Beach

This quaint Cape Town beach dotted with big boulders is loved by Capetonians and international tourists alike. The water might induce some brain (and full-on body) freeze, but the views are epic - the ideal Sunday afternoon chill spot.

4. Lion's Head

You want to show everyone you got up early and hiked up this baby beast before sunrise. So get a snap in!

5. Bushveld and Karoo

Dried grass, fynbos and in the middle of nowhere. What more could one want? Go somewhere for a weekend where you can truly get away from it all! Then sit back, relax and have someone take a few pics of you at the centre of it all. 

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6. Namibian desert

Want to really stand out? Take a snap in the middle of the desert with only sand surrounding you. 

7. Vic Falls, Zimbabwe

Feel the rush of the cascading waters behind you as you capture the moment at one of Africa's most awe-inspiring places. 

8. Kalk Bay

A firm favourite with locals, Kalk Bay has so much to offer in terms of swimming spots, antique stores and fish and chips shops. Head here on a lazy weekend and while away the time. 

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