WATCH: The world's best cities to get lost in (on purpose)

The film Before Sunrise (1995) made us all dream about getting lost with a stranger in a beautiful and vibrant city like Vienna or Paris. And the French, even have a word for aimlessly wandering: flâner. The BBC says that it has no English equivalent, as it is as French as only the French can be. 

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It's about getting deliberately lost in a place where time is no object. 

Paris, New York City, Buenos Aires and Istanbul are all cities most of us wouldn't mind getting lost in on a daily basis. Who needs to work, right?! 

Here are a few more off best cities to get lost in on purpose: 

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The inner city is a pedestrian-only zone, which means walking the Old City can be done with ease any time of the day. Explore the medieval walls, the Onofrio’s Fountain and the 16th century Sponza Palace, all within walking distance of each other. 

Boston, US

Boston's Harbor Walk is known around the world. Spanning a whopping 64km, it is the ideal walkabout for sight spotting - from the Institute of Contemporary Art to the beautiful Christopher Columbus Park. 

Vientiane, Laos

Culture Trip says that the capital city of Laos, situated in the bend on the Mekong River, is a place to get lost in. A blend of French and Laotian cultures, as you'll find the most incredible architecture and food along your stroll. Walk to the Patuxay Monument - modelled on Paris’s Arc de Triomphe, it is worth a walk to the top for great views. 

Florence, Italy

Cafes, gelato shops and bars dot the inner city of Florence. It is a city begging to be explored on foot as big attractions like the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore and the historic Ponte Vecchio are all within short distances of each other.

Marrakech, Morocco

Walk from souk to souk (markets), while navigating the narrow alleyways of this hyper-vibrant city. Go to the Unesco World Heritage site of Medina on foot or hide out in the lush, and more serene Menara Gardens. 

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia is small, compact and car-free. Walk along the Ljubljanica banks and explore the bars, ice cream shops and boutique clothing haunts of this stunning little hub of activity. From the centre of town you can easily walk up to Castle Hill, where you'll be met with the beautiful Ljubljana Castle and 360 views of the city.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city for walking. Walk from Belém, a laid-back area on the Tagus River, where you can visit everything from the Belém Tower and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos; and maybe even eat some Pastéis de Nata along the way. 

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